In your trip to Vietnam , there are some challenges that you may meet. Some people want to going alone; others love to go in a group.

Group tours

Vietnam private tour can be so simple. You have to wrap your stuffs , going right away. But if u have a Vietnam group tour, you ‘ll have to lay out a l0t of plans, work 0r things to do shopping before the week or  months.

Private tours

Travel to Vietnam alone needs a l0t of things packed like a magic bag ,so that u can have anything u need in ur travel.  If traveling on a group, it seems like a big suitcase, and dozens of suits (for 03 days), iPad, phone, and laptop,  and hundreds of other unnamed miscues, it seem still not enough.

When traveling u  don’t miss the opportunities to have the best phot0graphs using t0 check-in 0n Fb or just to have a retention 0f memories of where u have gone through. While travel alone, the 0nly way u can take a picture is to raise ur phone/ camera , take the picture by yourself.

Private or group tour is your choice

Traveling alone means  we can be free, and comfortable doing whatever u like. Climbing / Parachuting? We don’t need to bother about whether dear friends in the group ‘re afraid to join or not.

When we decide to go bald or a new place by ourselves, it means we decide to spend m0re time with ourselves. We’ll have precious time to meditate, and reflect on life, people. Traveling alone, we don’t get caught up in all the gossip ,all our friends.

There is a big difference between going out alone, solo travelers always choose destinations that ‘re boldly historic, ancient ,historical landmarks. Going alone,   the place to eat sleep is extremely simple. Also go with the association, shouldbe a good place, and big room,or big bed to spend the night t0 blow the fan!

Finally, 0ur only friends who accompany us 0n every solo trip are the map, and the compass, the positioning phone, or the strength.  It is based on u whether u want to have time for ur own t0 rethink about yourself 0r take time t0 understand more about your friends.