where to eat in hanoi old quarter

When u go to a strange place t0 discover new things, what the aspects u want to explore? History, culture, beautiful places, cuisine? If you find enjoying a trip t0 a city with rich culture like Hanoi city, if you don’t add exploring Hanoi’s cuisines in things to do in Ha noi.

Hanoi gave me real taste of Vietnamese food. Before we touched down in the city, I had experience with the cuisine except f0r the most basic of dishes like phở and bánh mỳ. I preferred rice 0ver noodles ,I hadn’t tasted real banh my ,Vietnamese cuisine was never 0ne 0f my favorites. But Ha noi changed all that.

We were at Quán Gốc Đa, a street food in the Old Quarter known for their “NEM CUA BỂ”, or deep-fried pork + crab spring rolls.There was n0thing exotic , remarkable about the dish. It was a simple fried spring roll. What was different about it th0ugh, was how u ate it.

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Image result for nem cua be

Unlike the fried spring rolls back h0me which people typically ate with ketchup 0r vinegar, the Vietnamese enjoy theirs with a dipping sauce made with water, and cucumber slices, or fish sauce, and some ingredients.

They’re served with a heaping bowl 0f fresh greens : lettuce, or coriander, perilla, and mint, you would dunk into the watery bowl, eat all together. I have eaten fried spring rolls all my life ,I always found them t0 be greasy and unctuous.

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It was an eye opening experience f0r me, 0ne that taught me a l0t about the Yin and Yang of Vietnamese food. You can go Grandma’s restaurant and it’s very delicious!