What is a catering service?


Catering is one of the common restaurant-hotel services but few know the exact definition of that type of service. With foodandlovers give you an overview of Catering service.

What is the Catering Service?

Catering is a form of providing party services (weddings, seminars, events, and team-building…) following the customers’ requests of restaurants and hotels. In addition to serving food, the Catering service is the work of decorating, or on the menu, setting up sound and light… to meet the demand of guests.

Types of catering?

Currently, the hotel and restaurant have 02 types of Catering services, including Inside/Outside Catering, which ensures the quality of the same dish and service.

What is Inside Catering?

This is a type of organize events in the restaurant or hotel, with the space separate from the business areas (dining hall, bar). Typically, Inside Catering services are provided by the Banquet division. Catering service is only available at fine dining restaurants or 4 to 5 stars hotels. Some typical parties for this type are the party in the garden of hotel, a wedding party on the beach resorts,…


What is Outside Catering?

The service provides a form of an outside setting following the customer’s request. The type is a bit complicated and pressure because it requires preparation, transportation of equipment, utensils, and food, with the staff to the venue, then will clean up after the party. In addition, the organization of the outside sometimes affected by objective factors: weather, or location,…

Currently, there are many Catering Service companies specializing in the Outside type with the cost for customers to choose. For 4-star 5-star hotels, they provide Outside Catering if customers need relatively high fees, high-quality food and service.

Why catering service becomes popular?

– Promote the image, and attract customers: this is one of the good opportunities for hotels and restaurants to directly promote the quality of service to different customers and thereby have the opportunity to attract customers.

– High profits: Catering service is one of the sources to bring income for hotels or restaurants because they can take advantage of available resources: employees, equipments,… Customers increasingly “spend” to have a worthy party.


What should be noted when providing Catering Service?

Organizational skills

This is an important factor when providing Catering services. The head of the party, who is in charge of organizing the party, needs to calculate and arrange the staff for the party. In addition, that person is responsible for managing the entire operation or handling the situation that arises, and the coordination of activities between the department… in the same before the party.

Organization planning

When Catering is required, the host carries out a review, surveys of the terrain, and space for a party. Based on the thorough review, they will give advice on the service (food, and type of service) that best suits the nature of the party as well as customer requirements. Finally, the person responsible will formulate the detailed plans of personnel, or necessary items, and assign specific tasks, details of each position, and department.

Catering menu

Although most menus follow customer requirements, they must be delicious, and attractive and quality. In addition, Outside Catering service must ensure criteria for ease of preparation, transportation and processing methods as compact as possible.

Catering costs

In addition to the cost of food, drinks, or catering, the provider should anticipate, carefully calculate the cost with services incurred outsourcing: sound, light, and decoration … reasonable quotes to the customer.