The Dish is associated with the shortest street in Hanoi

Ảnh: Di Vỹ.Before 1945, Ho Hoan Kiem Street was named Philharmonique, Hang Che .Only 52 meters long, the road is famous for many delicious dishes, specially dry beef salad. There are three shops selling this dish on the shortest street in Hanoi, with shops opened for more than ten years.

The street on the weekend is more bustling than usual, the chair is close. Not only young people like to eat “nom” , but this dish has long been familiar with many generations of Hanoi people.
It is not too difficult for you to identify ingredients in a “nom” plate. After ordering for a few minutes, the staff will bring out a green papaya salad plate that has been shaved and shredded. Pieces of dried beef are cut into pieces. In the meal, there were a few slices of roasted meat. Above is a layer of herbs and peanuts.

The success of the dish does not lack the sweet and sour vinegar sauce. The owner of a shop here says, the dishes in the shops are the same in terms of materials, except for water. Each owner will have different processing methods to attract customers.

Ảnh: Di Vỹ.When eating, diners mix the ingredients to absorb spices. Slowly enjoying each kind of ingredients, you will feel the crunchy papaya even though it is submerged in fish sauce. Toughness and salty taste of dried beef pieces combined with the sweet and sour taste of garlic vinegar, hot spicy peppers create a harmonious flavor.
Fatty peanuts with the aroma of vegetables make the taste even more stimulating. You can add a little chili sauce to increase the flavor.

In the afternoon, when the sun began to soften, the rows of plastic chairs on both sides of the street became thicker. In addition to “nom”, the shops on Hoan Kiem Lake also serve “nem cuon”, “banh bot loc”, fried spring rolls …