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Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine is important reasons f0r anyone when they go to Vietnam. You’ll not dissatisfied ab0ut them becauseof their diversity or states.

Ranking at the top ten restaurants in Hanoi City due to the result of “TripAdvisor“, Grandma’s restaurant becomes the best place for anyone or travelers with both Vietnamese traditional cuisines / western foods. The cuisines in Grandma’s restaurant is cooked and designed by Vietnam Top Chef ,  it brings the best taste of authentic Vietnamese food. On the other hand, Grandma’s restaurant has a “cooking class ” with many attractive menus about Vietnamese cuisine and foods.

Authentic Grandma Restaurant servess excellent dishes 0f Vietnamese cuisine, with fresh products of Hanoi. Whether it’s a huge gala-dinner and a medium sized company gathering, Grandma’s Restaurant is “flexible” enough to offer ur organization from ur typical simple ,easy to eat finger foods t0 the much more complex dishes.

In Hanoi, this restaurant is close t0 the “Hoan Kiem Lake”, so u can save time.The restaurant will be serving at 06.30 – 22.00 everyday including weekend.

I have been many restaurants(more than 4 stars) in Hanoi, but I wasn’t satisfied ever for a many reason. such as, cleanness, waiting time, food quality and staff. However, Grandma’s restaurant is different and one of the best restaurant in Hanoi.

First of all, Its food quality is so great. I was sick and tired of same Vietnamese food style. But, I experienced classic but advanced and developed food in here. It was so good so i ordered about 8 dishes. Specially, deep fried rice role is the best among them. I don’t know exactly but It covered very crispy special batter. In addition, Cocktail is made by well trained bartender. I thought price was little bit expensive before i experienced. But, It is reasonable actually.

Second, there are really good staff. they served very politely like a premier hotel. Also, they speak English very fluently. Supervisor mr. Lin and ms. Thao is very friendly. they never make a noise when they clear away dishes from my table and put dishes on. Of course, they ask food allergy before taking a order, so you don’t need to be concerned about that.

Third, the atmosphere is modern and classic. there are small but well managed garden and fountain in restaurant. It made me had felt like eating in the garden. Most of peoples are busy to taking a picture. Furthermore, restaurant is super clean. Every dishes, utensils even toilet are all clean.
If only there are open air dining area…
It is perfect restaurant with family and couple.

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