PHO Midnight in Hanoi city

The “phở” stall in the middle of the night has to wait in line in Hanoi. On the winter nights in Hanoi, many people just want to hold the bowl of pho, eating and drinking water to warm the heat down the throat, it is pleasant. For those who love Hanoi’s pho, try once to enjoy this dish at night stalls.


For more than 20 years, Pho at the top of Hang Chieu Street has become a typical image of a night-eating Hanoi but is not a play, but is a food to absorb the taste of the night “pho”, the taste on the tip of the tongue. In the early morning, about 14 tables are arranged along Hang Duong and Hang Chieu street.

Whoever comes first to eat first, who comes after must be lined up. Some guests have to wait 30 minutes to eat. From the saucepan from the gas stove, the fragrance flew to the feet of the customers waiting. Occasionally, the sister took the scoop of the golden brown beef in the sauce pot. At times, she used the scoop to pick up the requested pieces of meat calmly and slowly.


The bowl of pho is finished, she sprinkles some north pepper. Sellers are very pleased guests, who want beef tendons, want a piece of meat also. Sometimes guests ask for three or four types of meat for a bowl “pho”, she is still pleased them, holding the scoop upside down to find a satisfied piece. A lot of people come to this pho stall are as a long-time familiar customers.

This is probably the very characteristic of Hanoi that people want to experience, rather than eating a full bowl of pho and going to sleep. And they felt the atmosphere of the stall, heard the conversation in the middle of the quiet night, with a characteristic smell that was only available at the night “pho” stall. Although selling the sidewalk, the pho sold on the burden but the guests were crowded, everything was neatly arranged. Between the owner and the guest there is a familiarity. Therefore, there are people who set alarms at 3am just to do one thing, that is coming a pho stall, to enjoy pho, not to “eat pho”.