“PHO CUON” – delicious dishes “welcome guests” of Hanoi people

“Pho Cuon” – delicious dishes “welcome guests” of Hanoi people Pho – one of the best dishes in the world, this traditional dish is always the pride of the Vietnamese cuisine of the Vietnamese people. For a long time, people have become accustomed to such dishes as: beef “pho”, chicken” pho”, etc. However, with their creativity, besides “pho” , Hanoians have made other variations of pho like fried ‘pho”, mixed “pho”, stir-fried “pho” … and more typical, it is also “pho cuon “.

The appearing of ‘pho cuon” creates the new and strange features for pho – one of the proud “products” of Vietnamese people and from there in the Vietnamese culinary dictionary as well as on the address map of eating delicious Hanoi alsways appears places associated with this dish of “pho cuon” such as: “Pho Cuon” Ngu Xa, “Pho cuon” Ho Tay, “Pho cuon” Truc Bach … through those places, Pho cuon has become one of the delicious food “welcome guest “ of Hanoi people. Hanoi “Pho cuon” is delicious from the stage of selecting food to processing and rolling.

“Pho cuon” is frugal, not too fussy in processing but still have attraction thanks to the freshness, easy to eat of this dish to the extent that diners can “sip” a dozen of “pho cuon” one time. People can use “pho cuon” to eat or even eat rice instead, dinner or lunch meal will be fine. However, whenever there is a chance to go through Pho cuon Ngu Xa Street, people will not be surprised to see the spectacle of pho restaurants are always crowded with people who come in and even the sound of calling for food throughout the whole small street.

To make a delicious “pho cuon”, just need a bunch of “pho”, a few slices of chopped minced beef with ginger and garlic and add some familiar vegetables of the North such as lettuce, coriander, basil … all are curled up in thin, smooth white noodles and dipped with sweet and sour sauce that was carefully mixed.

In less than 30 minutes in the kitchen, you had a delicious “pho cuon” to enjoy. Although it is simple, easy to do so and it is possible to do it at home, but guests come in and out, that never stopped, perhaps eating the restaurant, sipping “pho cuon”, chatting with friends and watching the crowded streets has become a private hobby of Hanoi people, it is hard to quit.