Pho Bat Dan – Essence of Ha Thanh cuisine

Hanoi has hundreds and thousands of different pho shops. However, Pho 49 Bat Dan is always crowded that customers have to queue to buy a bowl of pho. Now find out what is special in this noodle shop that attracts so many customers!
Bat Dan noodle soup is appreciated by many people as a place that still retains the aromatic and fatty of Hanoi original pho flavor. Want to eat Bat Dan Pho many people have to queue from early morning. The scene is lined up like the distribution scene of goods by stamps.
Bat Dan Pho as well as many other Pho brands are also made from basic ingredients: Beef, pork bone, beef, onion, fresh ginger, red onion, scent, coffee, root of coriander , cardamom roots, star anise, dried cinnamon flowers, sugarcane, noodles, onions, coriander, lemon, monosodium glutamate, salt, chili sauce, chutney, black soy sauce, sugar, pepper, cooking oil. And some kinds of herbs, basil, lettuce …
However, while processing to make a special flavor of Bat Dan pho shop, padrone has special secrets tips to make the difference. Ingredients for making Bat Dan pho soup: In order to have a bowl of Pho Bat Dan in the right taste, the selection of ingredients is very important. In particular, the selection of pho noodles also has certain standards.
Pho noodles are no more than 20 cm long, have rectangular sections, moderate thickness. Color of pho noodle must be natural, milky color. Pho which is bright white color proves that noodles contain chemicals and for many borax. The smooth pho noodle surface, when trying a noodle fiber, feels the aroma of the rice in it, the more it tastes sweet, the more flexible it is. Broth – which creates the brand of Bat Dan noodle soup A delicious Pho bowl is made up of many factors, from materials to the thoroughness of employees.
Especially the pot of water to gives the fragrance. Any bowl of pho when it has become a brand has its own secret of how to prepare broth. The taste from the soup of Bat Dan noodle soup makes the pho noodle delicious in a way that is unlike anyone’s.Broth, which is used for pho is made from the bone to get the pure sweetener from the bone marrow.
Wash the bones into the pot, pour the mixture over the water to rinse the bones to eliminate the bad smell of the bone. Then fill it with water and add aromatherapy, aromatic roots to simmer. At the first time, the fire burns evenly when the water is sparkling, the heat is reduced, and when the water boils, the bones of the bones are long drawn out so that the bubbles boil over the water. At that time while using the scoop to scoop up the scum, the foam above.
The time of bone healing is quite long, so the water will evaporate, so it is necessary to add cold water and increase the heat accordingly, how can it be in the process of the bone marrow’s bone marrow is extracted out in harmony with the aromatic herbs.
However, the broth of Bat Dan noodle is very characteristic unlike any recipe for pho. The broth of pho is completely extracted from the sweet taste of the bone and the aroma of the sauce without using any spice to create flavor. Fragrant sweet noodle soup, the feeling of all the aromas from the cardamom turn to each roll in the spoon. Pick up a little pho with neatly placed noodles in a spoon and bring it to your mouth immediately followed by a spoonful. It feels like instant noodles in the mouth, taste good from the tip of your tongue to your throat. Diners will be immersed in the flavor of the northern rural people of ” dishes that everyone eats “, a very flavorful taste of Hanoi.
The attraction of Bat Dan Pho : Bat Dan Noodle is delicious because the broth in sweet but not fat and aromatic without stinking, it can be said that there is nothing better than a bowl of Pho Bat Dan, eating a bowl and want to call the next bowl.
Talking about Bat Dan noodle can eat all day without boredom, eat breakfast in Bat Dan noodle soup, have lunch in Bat Dan noodle soup, and then eat Pho Bat Dan in the evening. Simple taste of good food, easy to eat, never picky people eat, pick time to eat, cocoon season. Not only Hanoi people can enjoy the delicious taste of Bat Dan noodle soup, but also well-known foreign tourists come to Bat Dan Street to accept queuing to taste Hanoi specialties.
The bowl of noodle soup is full of smoke, sitting and eating noodle soup, but it is good that the sweat is not good, the sound of the puffing is soothing. In the outside of the shop, people come in and out busy with the tables, the owner of the Pho restaurant is busy not stopping cutting the meat to the pho, and then arrange the bowl …
The work of the owner is enthusiastic because the customers need immediately, compensate to eat Bat Dan noodle people who are ready to come early to line up and always wait patiently for their turn. The only address is Bat Dan noodle soup at 49 Bat Dan Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. On the billboard of the shop, specify “The family’s noodle soup is not a branch”, it was enough to know the “exclusive” of Bat Dan Pho.
Many other noodle shops do all sorts of ways to keep visitors coming, but for 49 Bat Dan noodle soup, there is no need for fancy colors, no ads are called, but the restaurant is always crowded from early morning until it gets dark.