Italian cuisine flavour in the centre of Hanoi

Known for more than 25 years of experience working at the world’s leading hotels, restaurants and resorts, Chef Fabrizio Aceti has come directly to Hanoi, promising to bring a new wind and introduce the quintessence of Italian cuisine to diners Ha Thanh.

Những món ăn từ văn hóa ẩm thực nước Ý luôn khiến thực khách khó tính nhất cũng phải hài lòng.

Angelina restaurant has long been a favorite address for many Italian gourmets. Located in a hotel in the centre of the Capital, Angelina is famous for its pioneering design, a wine cellar filled with famous wines and especially the ever-changing, creative menu.

Currently, Hanoi Metropole Hotel is pleased to welcome the Italian guest chef as a food adviser of Angelina restaurant. In his new position, Chef Fabrizio will be in charge of the restaurant’s culinary activities and design a new menu, creating a strange wind for guests.

It is known that before coming to the Metropole Hanoi, Fabrizio has been a chef at Hilton Singapore Hotel and a chain of hotels and resorts belonging to Shangri-La Group in Asia, in big cities like Tay An and Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

His career is also associated with his time working at the world’s leading Michelin restaurants such as Le Louis XV at the Alain Ducasse à l’Hôtel de Paris in Monte-Carlo and SPOON restaurant by Alain Ducasse in London.

According to chef Fabrizio Aceti, the new menu of Angelina restaurant is inspired by traditional Northern Italian dishes. Here, diners have the opportunity to enjoy authentic pizzas, pastas or delicacies typical of European cuisine.

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If you’ve fallen in love with Italian cuisine, have a taste of Bruschetta made from goat milk cheese and smoked salmon or Tiramisu Glacée including tiramisu cream, coffee cream and mascarpone cheese. Certainly, new experiences about taste will not disappoint anyone.

The masterchef said: “A good chef needs a global vision of cuisine. I look forward to maintaining the quintessence of Angelina restaurant, while innovating the menu more and more diversified and rich, serving diners with delicious dishes typical of different regions of Italy. ”

With modern Italian style, Angelina is an ideal rendezvous for diners to share inspiration, passion for enjoying delicious food or sipping famous wines, unique cocktails.Especially, Angelina always impresses the guests who love the lively space with the performances of professional DJs from Monday to Saturday, starting at 9pm.