Delicious “lòng lợn” in Hanoi

“Lòng Lợn” is the favorite choice of many men in the early morning. On the weekends, in cool weather, many people choose to gather with friends to enjoy this dish. The “lòng lợn” dish itself is like a banquet table. On the same plate, each piece brings different feelings to the guests.”

Lòng lợn” is soft crispy,” cổ hũ” is crunchy,”cuống họng” is crunchy, liver is fleshy, fat tail, and “dồi” is showing 50% of the chef’s skills. The pieces of “dồi” must not be too dry, not too fat, fragrant , inside of “ dồi” is soft, chewed together with the tough of outer cover. When eating “ lòng lợn”, you should choose the familiar stall, no need to choose a famous place. The familiar place is clean and allows you to like to eat somewhat, the owner will slice it for you.

Delicious “lòng lợn” are often located in the suburban, where people still surgery pigs in a manual manner. In Thuy Khue Street, there is a “lòng” stall that maintains traditionally. The owner, the youth of Hanoi, are very hard-working and pampers guests.

Looking at how the family delicately slices each piece, diners will feel that the food that are going to enjoy will be much better. Many years of familiar guests are often given priority for all the plates. The address at 485 Thuy Khue, Hanoi, costs a full platter of 100,000 VND or more, rice porridge is about 25,000 VND.