You can find Vietnam the best dish in Hanoi, in my opinion.

If your taste buds are anything like me, you crave bold flavor explosions – fresh or crispy vegetables – perfect barbecue – carbs, carbs, and more carbs.

Vietnam has all these things, but each region and city has its own unique style. In the specific North, while the aromas are as intense as spicy or spicy as the South says, the cuisine is still very complicated. And delicious food everywhere. Even just in the old town, there are many food places you can easily check out!

But, this is probably because we have a friend who shows us what dishes and dishes can be missed. My friend’s friend grew up in Northern Vietnam, and we are very fortunate when he shows us the best dishes in Hanoi and gives us a bit of background about each dish’s history ( Really, thank him for this post and the local food inside).

Sources from the BBC to the CNN however, have made varying claims about how the dinner between celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain and President Obama was staged.

Are you traveling Vietnam and curious about what to eat in Hanoi? Here are the local dishes he showed us to help us find the best dishes in Hanoi! All from the north, unique to Hanoi, popular in Hanoi or Hanoi are just the best!