Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Hanoi

Because it is located on Ly Thuong Kiet Street, many people passing by will not think of a vegetarian restaurant located there. However, all the noise outside will disappear completely when you enter the door of Sadhu vegetarian restaurant. The guests at Sadhu have both Vietnamese and foreign guests, but the big plus point is that this restaurant introduced the culinary features of Trang An people on Kinh Ky and Hue ancient capital through the names of dishes in the menu. Tuyet Thien Meditation,Com Vong village Soup, Tofu sauce with rub … each name reminds a lot of culinary regions in Vietnam.
The vegetarian buffet in Sadhu has a preliminary count of more than 50 – 60 dishes. However, most of the dishes are spicy, so it is not suitable for those who do not eat spicy. About the deliciousness, some diners only rated the average level.
Sadhu Vegan Restaurant
Address : 87 Ly Thuong Kiet
Price : 228.000 VND/pax
Zenith Cafe & Vegan Food Zenith is located on the first floor of the Yoga Zenith center, featuring brown and blue tones by placing many trees around. The space of restaurant is very light and quiet, can go to a large group of people to sit on the sofa but if coming to the lunch or dinner time, it is difficult to avoid having no table. The menu of the restaurant includes European and Vietnamese vegetarian dishes, along with detox drinks that help clean the body.
Each serving is accompanied by a salad, so it is fit and full. Some vegetarian dishes that you can try on Zenith are Thai noodles, mushroom and avocado sandwiches … In particular, the restaurant also uses bamboo straws to drink water so it feels comfortable and clean when enjoying the food here.
Zenith Cafe & Vegan Food
Address: No. 99B lane 275 Au Co
Price: 80.000 VND – 150.000 VND

Homefood Nutrition

After remodeling, the Restaurant Nutrition Homefood in Truc Khe Street has a new, spacious and airy space. In Homefood, there are both vegetarian and nutrition food, the menu is also very diverse and eye-catching. This place is not only suitable for vegetarian but also a place where you can choose for important appointments. You can choose some typical dishes at Homefood such as “nom” brown rice, spring rolls, black sesame rice or spicy patties for today’s full moon. In addition, in Homefood also have lunch set, very diverse and rich. As for the price, it is not too high compared to the quality of food and restaurant space.
Homefood Nutrition:
Adress: No.19 Truc Khe
Price : 100.000 VND – 250.000 VND
Thinking that vegetarianism is old but now in Hanoi there are many vegetarian restaurants with new young styles On the full moon day of January every year, in addition to visit temple, young people go to vegetarian restaurants to improve their meals and help their bodies stay clean and healthy.
It seems that the current vegetarian diet is gradually becoming a new trend, a healthy lifestyle loved by many people. Accompanied by a vegetarian diet during the full moon day, the 1st or the Vu Lan festival, a number of restaurants specializing in vegetarian food also had the appearance of real vegetarian dishes.
Therefore, the phrase “vegetarian” that many people think is old has gradually brought a new and younger style from space to dishes. In the following article, we will introduce to you some vegetarian shops that are beautiful about the eyes but also delicious for your taste so that you have new choices for today. Minh Chay Vegan Restaurant Minh Chay restaurant has long been no stranger in the culinary community who like vegetarianism. Entering Minh Chay, quiet, gentle space will help you relax your soul. The design in Minh Chay exudes a brown wood color that stands out from the tables and chairs with white and creamy imagery creating sophistication, simplicity, not too fussy, ostentatious. In particular, the list of vegetarian dishes at this restaurant will make you go from this surprise to other surprise.
Not only are vegetarian dishes familiar but Minh Chay also makes special vegetarian dishes such as bun cha, “mien tron”, “bun oc”, pho Hanoi … In parallel, the restaurant also has vegetarian snacks such as seaweed, “ruoc huong” mushroom, vegetarian pate, vegetarian “doi”, vegetarian sausage … In addition, if you go to a large group, Minh Chay restaurant also has vegetarian set from 2 to 4 people so you don’t lose your choice. choose many.
However, in Minh Chay, there are disadvantages that employees have not really focused when working, leading to cases where customers have to wait for long items, order wrong items … In addition, the price here is also assessed. is higher than the common ground.
Minh Chay Vegan Restaurant
Address: 45 Xuan Dieu, 30 Ma May
Price: 50k – 500k

Sadhu Vegan Restaurant

The vegetarian buffet model is also more popular in today’s society, and capturing young people’s psychology, Sadhu vegetarian restaurant was born. In Sadhu serving a la la carte buffet at the table, the space is divided into 2 floors, so it is very spacious and airy, especially there are many green trees around.