Best European Restaurant in Hanoi

Voted as one of the best European restaurants in Hanoi, Opera Garden attaches great importance to the quality of food and services. Located on bustling Trang Tien Street, right in the heart of Hanoi, Opera Garden Restaurant proud to have a prime location which is near Opera House so that customers could find it easily. 

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Coming to Opera Garden Restaurant – a Western Restaurant in Hanoi, you can find culinary culture exchange that affects most of the dishes. Here, the chefs use local ingredients and combine with the Western cooking methods to create the culmination of culinary art at the modern kitchen system in Hanoi. The restaurant always imports high-quality raw materials, fresh, safe ingredients to ensure the dish is prepared and delicious as much as possible.

Opera Garden Restaurant is not only popular for Western cuisine but also receives much attention on TripAdvisor for Vietnamese dishes. Whatever dish it is, all are cooked with passion of skillful chefs who gained a lot of experience in the culinary career. 

With the outstanding Indochine architecture, the restaurant is adored by its simple arrangement yet elegance in every detail. Dining at this European Restaurant, you will enjoy delectable dishes, luxurious space, high quality, and professional services.

Opera Garden Restaurant is known as a luxurious restaurant in Hanoi, near Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel. Opera Garden must be one in your list when traveling to Hanoi because you’ll be immersed in the bustling urban life of Hanoi but still enjoy the quiet atmosphere of a corner on Trang Tien street. 

What European Restaurant – Opera Garden Restaurant offers you is a space to watch the flow of people, chat with friends, leisurely read the newspaper, listen to soothing jazz, or savor a glass of wine and that’s it, create your own world.

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Opera Garden Restaurant

Address: No 6 Trang Tien Street, Hoan Kiem District, Ha Noi City.

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Hotline: +84 243 8689 666