A traditional Vietnamese restaurant in Hanoi

grandma's restaurant hanoi

Grandma’s Restaurant – a Vietnamese restaurant is a graceful and beguiling little gem in the center of Hanoi’s Old Quarter. Situated in one of the capital’s prime locations, where the bustling ancient citadel is only a few blocks away, Grandma’s Restaurant is an ideal place for both domestic and foreign visitors seeking cultural exposure.

Inspired by the folk stories grandmother tells, the food she cooks, this Vietnamese restaurant seems to reach beyond the word “restaurant”, it becomes a cozy home where people recall their beautiful memories with the first bite of our emblematic dishes.

Traditional dishes at Grandma’s

Just like the name “Grandma’s”, our restaurant aspires to create authentic dishes by the traditional way of cooking Northern Vietnamese cuisine.

Grandma’s menu keeps up to date with raw seasonal ingredients to bring diners the most typical delicacies, including a variety of famous Hanoi’s specialties such as deep-fried net spring rolls, grilled beef in bamboo or simply a pickle dish which bear traditional taste.

Grandma’s Restaurant is a retrospection of Hanoi’s rustic past and neighboring provinces, a cozy yet elegant feeling that everyone can experience right in the heart of the Old Quarter.

Grandma’s rustic architecture

Different from other restaurants, Grandma’s Restaurant is home of culinary elite converges in a space which bears a bold Vietnamese tradition. Among the modern houses, an ancient villa located on the “golden” land in the heart of Hanoi, this authentic Vietnamese restaurant is still attracting people for its cozy decor and dining space.

Grandma’s Restaurant: A traditional Vietnamese restaurant in Hanoi

Following the traditional style, the restaurant is mainly furnished with wood, sometimes dotted with the green color of bamboo which makes the guests feel comfortable but still keep its elegant and rustic of a place in the middle of the Old Quarter.

Grandma’s Restaurant can be considered as an ideal choice for both domestic and foreign tourists, especially those who want to explore Vietnamese culture and cuisine along with traditional rustic dishes of Hanoi as well as neighboring provinces. Even small things like tables, chairs, or dishes … are full of old Vietnamese features.

The restaurant brings a nostalgic feeling, authentic dishes and traditional style in cooking Vietnamese food. Every diner who comes here will be completely satisfied with our dining space, dishes and services. Grandma’s Restaurant believes that the restaurant will be a rendezvous for discovering Vietnamese culture.